60 Gifts for Writers That Your Creative Friends Will Love

Putting a TreePod up doesn’t require special tools and it doesn’t harm trees—in fact, for every TreePod sold, Trees for the Future will plant a tree. Never let your writer suffer through a cold cup of coffee or tea again! Give them the Ember, a first of its kind ceramic mug that allows you to customize and set your hot beverage to your desired temperature through an app. Give your writer a better way to get things done with a subscription to The Right Margin, a web app designed to help writers boost their productivity. Gifts, travel, food and sports write for us.

(Kidding.) The helpful AI service gives corrections and tips for optimizing and editing writing, from sentence structure to word choice. Though Grammarly doesn’t offer gift cards, you can purchase Grammarly Premium on their behalf for total access to the company’s helpful services. A candle that channels the scent of their favorite library—old books, dog-eared pages, worn leather, and smooth paper—is one of the best writing gifts you can give. It has warm notes of plum, pear, vanilla, leather, and patchouli to accompany and inspire their late-night scrawling. There are lots of great gifts for writers out there, and this post has only scratched the surface. In fact, some writers are so devoted to the typing experience provided by mechanical keyboards that the mere idea of using a low-profile keyboard sends shivers down their spines.


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If you or a friend want to add a touch of opulence to your writing routine, these Smythson notebooks are some of the best-quality out there. If your friend’s problem isn’t dehydration but staying awake, we’d recommend a coffee subscription so they don’t have to worry about restocking! Blue Bottle offers a nice range of roast options, though keep in mind that the price may be higher if you choose a very high-quality one. This box has six trillion story ideas on cards that you can mix and match. Perfect for long road trips, or an inspiring game night for creatives. Writers don’t tend to be the most “zen” people in the world; they’re often either stressed about writing, or not having enough time to write.

These metal ones from S’well have great insulation, ideal for keeping your water cold . What happens when bookshelves get jealous of the books for stealing the spotlight? Add ✨drama✨ to any shelf with these bookends that are sure to stop guests in their tracks. Sometimes the best way to motivate yourself is to write a nice-looking to-do list — and for that, of course, you’ll need a beautiful planner.

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