How To Use Guest Posting To Promote Your Dog Business

All content shared is intended to help our community of readers. To understand writing style, look at blogs and popular categories. For ideas on what to write about, visit the Guest Posts page. The blog posts articles based on that month’s theme, so keep that in mind. Send your pitch to the address listed on that page’s email address.


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If you would like to write for us, please send your complete, exclusive article submission to for consideration. We are looking for articles that will teach the reader something new or add value to what they already know. Smart Dog Guide | Submit A Guest Post is about the health and care of dogs. Pampered Dog Blog | Guest Blogging Guidelines is about the love and care of pampered companion dogs. That Pet Blog |Guest Blogging Guidelinesis about care, training and behavior for all pets.

Also, we highly believe and encourage our readers in adopting the pets and providing them safe shelter than buying from illegal market. Please drop us an email at with a subject line “Guest Post Submission” or submit contact form here. We only accept content which is original, unique and never published before anywhere on the internet. A maximum of 2 links is allowed, and other links will remove. If you add more than 2 links for reference or statistics, please make sure that it can only be Wikipedia, Forbes, magazines, or trusted sources.

More material will be available for readers to read and refer to. Also, have a link to an existing article on the blog that is relevant. For instructions on how to write your article, visit the Guest Posts page. To submit, use the contact form on the Contact page to send your article. Your essay will be credited to you in your byline with a link to your website.

Here is this Dog Blog, Cats, and other Pet Care & Pets blog accepting guest posts from bloggers. We have specific guidelines for Guest Blogging, so contact us. I have found all these pet guest posting sites from the search engine. You don’t have to limit yourself to submitting to dog or pet blogs. Family or lifestyle blogs and magazines work well, too. Since so many households have at least one dog, you’re bound to reach an audience of dog lovers, even in general publications.

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