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So that users can get some quality legal information from our blog. If you think you have what it takes to write for us, please send our editors an email introducing yourself and tell us a little bit about why you want to write for Injurix. Also, let us know what topic you’re interested in writing about. Your article should focus on providing valuable information to our readers. Any pieces with an overt promotional or advertising focus will be rejected.

You can add some high authority external links to make lawyers article more natural. If we found your content duplicate in first attempt then you will never get the opportunity to submit the guest post on our blog. So read the Google webmaster guideline before starting the write for us. Your guest posting article must be related to legal matters. Welcome to, where you can find legal guides and legal resources for all legal matters such as law, lawyers, law firms, attorney help and more. Moreover, Link Publishers also offers high-end content writing services.

An entertaining blog post will stay on topic with important information and be broken up into easily digestible portions of text with bullet points, images, and links throughout. You need to add two or three photographs that are entirely connected to the guest post content in order to make your piece come across as more natural and properly handled. Best US Lawyers is the legal Directory to get free legal advice and find the right lawyer nearby your location.

Nothing will undermine your position of authority in the industry faster than a piece littered with grammatical errors or incorrect information. Be sure to check your sources, double check your grammar, and give your blog post a few final reads before publishing. When you publish helpful content on a legal blog, the people who read it see you as an authority on the subject. Your content should always be informative, educational, and helpful — this legitimizes your practice as a trustworthy source.


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To give your post a greater chance of acceptance, it must adhere to our editorial standards and be 100% original and unique content written by a subject-matter expert. You guest posting article must have unique contents, with good English and grammar. These examples can create a bridge between the contents of your legal blogs (the theoretical, at least from the client’s viewpoint) to their potential case . You can make any arguments which you present in your legal blogs stronger by including summarized case material.

As we get a high number of requests for guest posts, please make sure that you go through these guidelines before drafting your article. Creating the perfect blog post for your law firm takes practice. It doesn’t come easily, but it can be extremely beneficial to your firm. Blog posts can expand your reach, establish your authority in the field, and pull in more clients and, in turn, revenue for your firm. With your outline, formatting plan, and research done — it’s time to flesh out that blog post.

We accept submissions on a rolling basis and will be in touch if your article is selected for publication. We believe that quality is more important than quantity, but all articles must be a minimum of 800 words to be considered for publication. We prefer deep researched articles with 2,000 to 2,500 words. Please include any online resources referred to in your piece within the piece itself .

We will index your articles and make sure they are optimized for SEO. Stay on brand by keeping a consistent tone throughout all of the content you post and keeping all of your content specific to your industry. In one of the most crowded industries in the nation, it’s important to find ways to stand out. Potential clients can pick from hundreds of attorneys to hire — so why should they choose you?

The backlink you receive from my blog will be permanent on your website. In certain instances, we can delete your link, such as when you distribute the URL to your guest post on spammy websites. Guest blogging is a vital Off-Page approach for driving ever-increasing traffic to your website. However, the legal material you give should be beneficial to the reader. It will be of great assistance if you write it in blog format and problem-solving format. All images must be hosted on a third-party free to use website, and you must provide the direct URL to the image.

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