Masikam Oona, Monthly, Sodhakumbam Procedure And Price

I.e Ashtamis occurring within the months of Margaseersha, Pousha, Magha and Phalguna. In each of these sradha must be carried out in Poorvethyu , Ashtaka and Anvashka .i.e on Sapthami, Ashtami and Navami days. From the Shukla Paksha Prathama until the following Amavasya is the lunar month. If the first day of solar flynn’s felton month does not happen inside a lunar month , that lunar month is called Mala Masa. Sapindeekaranam can be carried out on Amavasya, on the thithi when the physique expired or in Mahalaya Paksha. In such instances , the unsuitability of Thithi and day needn’t be seen.

If he comes after Sanchayana , he should observe Vrushithsarnam , Yekodishta , observe ten day taint and likewise Udaka dhana. When a person dies in the day time, he should be cremated inside 10 hours. If cremation just isn’t done within 10 hours, the body turns into old. To cremate it, permission must be taken from Brahmins, do three Kruchrams , tub the physique washed with Pancha Gavya and additional bathed by water and later sanctified by chanting of Pavamana Suktha.

For observing demise associated ceremonies stick to both lunar or photo voltaic month. This must be chosen as per the apply of the elders of our family. Those who use lunar month , should observe it in Athimasa thithi or Nija masa thithi.

The tripakshikam should be carried out within 5 days of the 40th day. The oona shan Masika must be carried out inside ten days of the one hundred and seventieth day. The oona apthika needs to be performed inside 15 days of the 340th day. Oona masikams have to be performed on odd days . It is good if the day to be performed is chosen properly.

If the spouse dies earlier than the collection of bones from the pyre of the husband and if fire continues to be there in the pyre of the husband , the wife must be cremated in that fireside. If fire just isn’t there a new funeral pyre ought to be arrange. He who is doing penance through the pregnancy of the wife, you ought to not get shaved or cremate the our bodies of any one besides his mother and father. At the time of demise if one chants , “Shiva, Shiva, Shiva”, then the primary chant of “Shiva” removes all his sins and grants him salvation .

If Amavasya is spread in Aparahna of two days , the primary thithi needs to be chosen for fading and subsequent for improve. All Pithru rituals should be carried out in Aparahna. If Amavasya units earlier than efficiency of Sradha , then it’s not suitable. The lunar month by which is Kshaya ends all of a sudden and the next month will come. If brothers divide the father’s wealth or in the occasion that they eke out a residing by cash earned by themselves , then such brothers should carry out Darsa , Apthika and Pratyapthika individually.

All paternal clan members should shave themselves on the tenth day. In the case of formality with Corpse, the sacred thread should be worn in the opposite shoulder When you’re carrying the corpse, it ought to be worn as a garland . This rule is meant for individuals who carry the corpse. If the cremation rtes can’t be performed in one’s own Sutra,, it can be accomplished in some other Sutra.

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