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I’m born and raised in Deep East Texas, living in between Houston & East Texas to help take care of my family. I am a family man and I cherish my time spent with my 3 nephews, and soon to be 4th. I don’t have a wife and children just yet, but God’s surely working on it, behind the scenes.


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Otherwise, I’m usually playing tabletop games with my friends. My favorite thing about Club Wealth is the positive and supportive environment. Everybody on the team wants the best for each other, and it shows. Beyond that, there is always something to learn here. At Club Wealth, just knowing we’re all in this together is the best part. The Hellickson’s always ensure we’re all apart of their family and dedicate their lives to helping each one of us succeed in all aspects of life.

Since then, he has driven millions of dollars of traffic to multiple brands while building highly converting sales funnels and social ads. I love helping agents connect with the right coach to help them accomplish their Business Goals much faster then they ever dreamed possible. I love that Club Wealth feels like family and offers me a great work/life balance.

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More than 200,000 real estate professionals got their start with Colibri Real Estate. The most important thing to remember is that you want to keep people on your page and engaged with your content. Write in a way that your audience will understand. Make them want to keep coming back because you’re so clear and helpful.

The environment of pushing yourself for success and even if you fail your goals, the support of the team to reinvigorate you to continue to try. The people and culture are amazing, I love talking with the coaches and building relationships with them as I’m planning these events. It’s my job to establish connections with people in the real estate industry and talk to them about our services. Make sure that you have expert knowledge on the topic you choose to write about.

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