The Way To Apply Background Picture With Linear Gradient Using Tailwind Css ?

one hundred pc offline, platform agnostic, headless, Magento2 supported. Astrum – A lightweight sample library designed to be included with any internet project. Vue2-admin-lte – a project that converts AdminLTE to work with Vuejs (v2.x). Vuedo – Blog platform, constructed with Laravel and Vue.js. CoPilot – An admin portal based on AdminLTE with vue.js integration.

Vuex-up – Brings mixing and providers injector features to module vuex. Vuex-lite – A 1KB Vuex with just state and mutations. Vuelm – Lightweight state management impressed by Elm structure. Vue-ls – Vue plugin for work with LocalStorage from Vue context.

Create stunning and performant cross-platform cell apps. Based on Web Components, and supplies bindings for Angular 1, 2, React and Vue.js. Vue-parallax-js – Tiny vue component that adds a directive for parallax impact on parts.

Code Notes – A simple code snippet supervisor for developers constructed with Electron & Vue.js. PageKit – Modular and lightweight CMS constructed with Symfony parts and Vue.js. All-About-Me – A Social Media Web App constructed with Vue, Firebase (Firestore/Auth/Storage), Element-UI, Disqus, Vuex, Vue-Router, and Sass. Supports image uploading, profile editing, add/remove pals, and feedback.

Vue-qrcode-reader – A Vue.js 2 element which detects and decodes QR codes from a camera stream. Vue-qriously – A Vue.js 2 element to draw QR codes on an HTML Canvas utilizing qrious. Vue-share-modal – A pure, light-weight, and exquisite share modal for Vue three.

Vue-cheetah-grid – A high-performance grid engine that work on a canvas for Vue.js. El-search-table-pagination – Combines Form, Table and Pagination parts of Element UI collectively. Vue-announcer – A simple method with Vue to announce any helpful data for display readers. Vue A11y project – Vue.js neighborhood project to enhance l 3xl programming background internet accessibility. Scrumfast – Extremely intuitive project management scrum tool. – A curated listing of 300+ instruments and resources utilized by companies and startups all over the net.

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