Write and Sell Personal Finance Articles: 21 Outlets to Pitch Now

Even if you had a post approved just a week ago, you are still welcome to submit more new stories for approval. A podcast and blog dedicated to helping young families build wealth and thrive. A blog dedicated to helping women take control of their finances.

While sending articles, you should provide enough information about the topic and subject matter so that we can better understand the purposes. We have all the right to edit the content to meet the editorial guidelines. The piece of content you will share with us may be edited by us to meet the publishing guidelines. Please use the word doc or Google doc file while sending the piece of articles. We are happy to link your personal blog or website and social media links in the byline and author bio.

We are giving writers and small business owners an incredible opportunity to obtain widespread attention and a platform to share their insights with the world. You can contribute your useful content to our recognized webpage at competitive rates. We never skimp on quality because we believe it should come before quantity, and we never make exceptions to this rule. This popular personal finance blog covers a variety of topics relating to money, including frugal living, investing, tax preparation, mortgages and money management. Writers should have an expertise in one or more of its broad areas, either through direct experience, education or certification. If you’re capable of comprehensive articles of 3,000 words or more, even better.

If you have even a passing interest in the financial industry, I highly recommend writing about it. It’s rewarding to find the best way to present difficult concepts to a broad audience and exciting to learn about the latest financial technology. Worthy articles are paid at a rate of up to $200, and the SEO post mentioned above has a budget of $200-$500. $0.10 per word, for a maximum of about 800 words, but most of the articles selected are in the range of 500 to 700 words.

That said, if your writing is exceptional, we may connect with you with the intention to contact you as a paid contributor. However, we reserve the right to remove any article from our site without explanation if it does not resonate with our readers. In most cases, we explain the reasons for content refusal and removal.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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This is a great opportunity for bloggers to get their work seen by a wider audience and to contribute to an informative and engaging finance blog that reaches 100s of thousands of audiences. Is a money blog that’s on a mission to make investing simple and easy. Much of the content relates to investing strategies, but there’s plenty of other posts on budgeting, banking, and credit cards. There’s also a useful list of resources to help kickstart your search for financial services. If you want to learn about investing, check out this financial blog.

We always make it a point to be as transparent as we can, so expect a message from us once your content goes online. Opinion Pieces — or written works that reflect the personal views of their writer. If you’re interested in writing for us, email your pitches to our editor,Soraya Joseph, After submitting your articles and query about “Write for Us”, please allow us some time.

When you write your own content, it is important to keep in mind that it must be unique to add value to the reader. The more valuable the content, the better the backing you will generate. A personal finance blog offering strategies and tactics to get ahead financially and in life. Some topics you may cover include monetizing your blog, earning money from writing, or any other topics related to earning money. They’re also on the hunt for an SEO expert to write an in-depth post about keyword research using either Ahrefs or SemRush. One of the U.S.’s top daily newspapers, much of the content on WSJ is related to business and breaking news.

With the help of leading experts from industry, we’re committed to building a resource for every answer you need pertaining to your business’s financial, compliance, legal or strategic aspect. We at ConsultEase appreciate the value of high-quality finance content. We are committed to providing our readers with useful information to help them make informed decisions. Make sure to use proper capitalization when using H2 and H3 title tags in your blog posts. This will ensure that your posts are formatted correctly and look professional.

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