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Poetry reviewers look over hundreds of submissions for each publication, and they often have to make tough decisions about great poems. Good, publishable poems receive rejections all the time, often because a journal has a finite amount of space to publish each month. Barren Magazine publishes monthly issues of literature in all genres. Their preferences lean toward poetry that is introspective, original, and participates in a larger literary conversation. Barren also puts out a fun selection of merchandise and has plans for future online poetry and fiction contests.

Often, a rejection of your poetry submission has nothing to do with the quality of your work. Rather, poetry editors have a limited amount of space per publication, and they look to publish poems that, when read together, create a bigger conversation. A rejection can simply mean your poems didn’t work for that month’s issue, for reasons completely out of your control.

Submissions for artwork, poetry, essay, and short fiction are accepted by both women and men. Since 2005, The New Verse News has covered the news of the day with poems on issues, large and small, international and local. It relies on the submission of poems by writers from all over the world.


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Third Street Review is a new online literary journal for flash fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography. We are a paying market and welcome work from writers and artists from all cultural backgrounds and experience levels. For complete submission guidelines, please visit our website, Our Times has a small contributors budget for each issue. We gratefully accept articles labour-donated by activists already gainfully employed in occupations other than writing.

I was never good at expressing myself with words, because I believed actions are louder than words. I don’t know the correct format or techniques, so I just wrote it as is. Looking forward to get a publication for my Hindi poetry, novel and for stories. Just in case anyone is looking for more places, let me tell you about the website I’ve set up.

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