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Do your research on the best screenwriting contests out there, most of which have dedicated TV writing categories. Check out this post How to Get a Screenwriting Agent for a more in-depth guide. In our post How to Pitch for TV, you can find show bibles examples and practical tips on how to pitch your tv show idea.

If you’d like to write for us about one of these topics , this is the right blog for you. Our writers come from a wide range of backgrounds. Please take a moment to look at the Raindancevalues. Writing is the art that makes people think and acknowledge the fact to a great extent.

See also work closely with our SEO optimisation team to make sure your posts reach a wider audience. We are always looking for strong passionate writers who are motivated to develop and write engaging content. So, it is the right time to write the Guest posts for general topics and learn extensive knowledge. You can get all the information about the facts and details people need to share their perspective on the internet. Sharing details in the form of blogs or any other mode could help others in acknowledging the legitimacy. If you’re interested, drop us an e-mail at Be sure to put WRITER APPLICATION– in the email header, tell us a little about yourself, and include writing samples.

You’ll get national exposure and invaluable work experience, but that’s not the only way to get value from writing for HiddenRemote.com. As a member of the FanSided network , you’ll immediately get that name recognition that independent websites have to work much harder for. Experience in online writing is preferred, but not mandatory.

If you are one of the creative writers and love to share the updates, then join this outstanding platform, where you can reach the heights. We appreciate all the genuine efforts done by the writers for researching and framing the write-up. All the articles are published daily and paid for every word. Write for us guest post on different niches, including sports, games, health, software, marketing, etc. The main difference is pro scripts in which pro writers can more or less format how they like, vs spec scripts in which an aspiring writer is trying to break into the industry. They often offer the opportunity to get paired up and mentored by seasoned TV writers, but you’ll have to submit a TV spec episode and the competition is tough.

Even if you’re only interested in one or two programs we’d love to have your thoughts, opinions, memes and anything else you’d be willing to post in a thoughtful and interesting way. We don’t mind if you have no previous professional writing experience as long as your reviews are of a professional standard. Television is a good medium for writers to find work. If you’re not in Los Angeles, you can still start the process. Write your spec scripts, send queries to agents, take an online course from UCLA. And be a shameless self-promoter—you probably don’t even realize that I plug myself all the time on Twitter and Instagram and in case I forgot to mention it, I have a book you should buy.


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So remember to always be original and fresh, even if you are writing a spec of a pre-existing show. So don’t fall into the trap many aspiring TV writers make of concentrating on writing a spec pilot with the sole aim of selling it and getting it produced. The raindance blog covers a wide range of topics from how to make a film to how you get it financed and seen. We also understand the emotional rollercoaster a filmmaker or screenwriter faces.

Those who are interested in guest writing for us or being contributing writers for our platform can contact us at the email address above about further queries with a sample piece of their work. Or they can reach out to us on our Instagram, linked below. For our guest post services, we don’t accet posts that are promotional / designed to promote a brand, product or site etc as this would fall into the sponsored post category and therefore be chargable. A name credit only is available is included. Just started writing TV scripts after years getting nowhere with features. Thanks for your tip to make sure that you have the best software for writing a TV show script.

Admittedly, this is a challenging prospect, but one that will serve you well in the long term. Not only will you have a greater understanding of what your series is , you’ll also be in a stronger position to sell your work if you ever find yourself in the position of doing so down the line. Not only should this pilot sample be a reflection of your interests and vision, but it should also be loud and attention-grabbing. This is your calling card, so make it something special and you will be presenting yourself as a strong addition to any writing staff. Multi-camera TV scripts are kind of an entity all to themselves when it comes to formatting. Then the subsequent acts each gain in conflict, much like in a feature, and end on a big cliffhanger to hook the audience into watching the next act or episode.

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