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With these, not only does your article looks more professional, but you’ll also effectively earn the trust of our readers. Go Blue Sun is a business and finance blog that caters to people who constantly look for advice about a wide range of topics concerning their everyday lives. Ever since, it’s been our mission to interpret somewhat complicated economic aspects in a simpler yet still insightful way for our readers.


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If you have something valuable to say in these areas, we want to hear from you. Whether you’ve just starting out or you’re an expert in your field, we have an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and ideas with the entrepreneurial community. We reserve the right to accept or reject any article that does not meet our standards.

We only allow guest articles on our site because we want to increase the amount of information available to our loyal readers and provide our contributors the opportunity to reach a large audience. A guest article on our site is entirely free of charge; there will be no financial compensation. Your backlink will help you get exposure to an audience that we have worked hard to cultivate over the years when you write an article on our site. However, guest writers must realize that this does not include any financial transactions of any kind. If yes, now is the best time to reach a new audience, increase your portfolio value and grow your business by writing for us.

If you are here to sell any product or service, our blog strictly prohibits it. We ask our guest writers not to do so in the name of guest postings. If you have topics of interest to small business owners, please read on to understand our audience and submission guidelines before submitting your guest article for consideration. MyBooks gives you the great opportunity to contribute a guest post. The topics you can contribute to a guest posting on our websites are – Accounting, Business, Bookkeeping, Tax, Finance, and the categories related to the mentioned topic. Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for the Business Zilla Blog.

You can contribute your useful content to our recognized webpage at competitive rates. We never skimp on quality because we believe it should come before quantity, and we never make exceptions to this rule. Writing for us is an excellent opportunity to submit a guest post about finance and business. It is a fantastic opportunity for a contributing writer who wants to share their interesting thoughts and knowledge with other readers.

We will notify you via email with a link to the published article. They should be able to write user-friendly articles that succinctly provide all the essential information. A writer should be able to present, explain, and transmit complicated topics in an understandable way to the reader. The author must be interested in what they are writing and if the reader will take the time to read it.

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