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Showcase your recognitions by including logos or images of the featured story. For example, if you’re a food business, add the FSSAI logo to show you are a certified business. And not articles that are clearly written for the sake of existing. After we’ve agreed on a topic, we will provide you with a unique Google Doc link to write your article. Content must be relevant to our readership – not merely promoting your product or services. We have been getting bombarded with guest blogging requests lately.

✔️ The context must be written according to current global events in relation to eCommerce. ✔️ The tone of voice must be professional and friendly, at the same time, but not over-promising and exaggerated. While we try to respond promptly, it may take several weeks before you hear from us.

We have a couple of topics in mind that we wish to publish, so fill in the form and we’ll map you with a topic. Back up your claims with links to your research or case studies confirming the information in your blog. The post should contain at least one link to any of the relevant Ecommerce Prophet’s posts. In order to deliver valuable content every time, we have certain standards in place, which guest writers adhere to.

You answer basic questions they may have to build trust that will help push them towards making a purchase. By doing so, you will allow your prospects to create more interaction with your brand outside your e-commerce website. This, in turn, may increase users’ interest in products and potentially lead to increased sales. Only with one paragraph, the company clearly defines what the brand is all about – brand history, values, and achievements.

But you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by all the details. At the end of the day, it’s your brand story that you’re writing. A good About Us page will also have links to social media profile of the business. Ideally, this can be added at the end of the page and acts as a call to action. Welcome and thank you for your interest in writing for ContactPigeon’s Blog!

A bio, profile, image, and link to their website below all of their articles. Credit for all posts they make and a link to their website from the top of the post. We do not charge for article publication or pay for content submitted. Also, if you are interested in UnderstandingeCommerce’s community, we want to hear about it. If you don’t have one, we are happy to suggest one for you.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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You want to craft a message that will resonate with them. This can help prospects become more emotionally connected to your brand. When writing an About Us page, it’s important to show off who your brand is and strongly convey your brand’s voice. After all, nobody wants to buy something online from someone they don’t trust. There are many forms of online marketing, but not all of them are equally effective.

Your content should be 100% original and unique; it shouldn’t be published anywhere. Now that you know everything on how to write an About us page for your eCommerce website, it’s time to take action and set up your page. A brand that sells delicious gourmet popcorn, their About Us page is a reflection of the grand and unique brand they are. They have narrated their story beautifully with the help of metaphors and accompanied by creative visuals. Pulpbrew is a smoothies brand founded by Vakula Sharma, a mompreneur. The About Us page of Pulpbrew narrates the story of the brand right from the moment when Vakula got the inspiration to start a beverage brand.

Include those prereqs as URLs and, if necessary, give a sentence on each one. When possible, link to resources within \newline – this way the community’s knowledge can build upon each other. ✔️ Plagiarism is not tolerated in any way and the article draft is checked from this point of view.

Do thorough research while preparing your blog post, any statistics, data representation enhances the post. Sleepy Owl is one of the most popular DTC coffee brands in India. They have a simple About Us page which is in the format of a letter to customers from the three founders. Check this page out if you want to know how to write a simple eCommerce About Us page that grabs attention.

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