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So whether you’re a seasoned fashion journalist or a fashion-loving blogger, we’d love to hear from you. Write for Us is an opportunity to share your love of Vintage fashion with the world. If you’re a fashion blogger, you’ll want to write for a fashion blog that will showcase your expertise. It’s not difficult to get your own blog published. All you need to do is contact other bloggers and ask them to publish your articles on theirs. They can also be featured on other sites and will link to yours.

Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme. We don’t participate in any kind of affiliate marketing or partner-linking system. Links to credible sources that can substantiate your claims and ideas. Use descriptive link text, rather than “click here to find out more”. The link text should describe the target of the link.

Fashionterest offers an excellent and flawless platform to all the fashion auteurs out there who would like to be a part of the advertising network. With our high-end metrics, fashion advertisers like you can ensure that your brand’s identity will reach the widest possible audience and achieve a lot of traffic. Following the above-mentioned guidelines would help you in getting your guest blog on fashion approved by us and we would publish the same on our platform. External links– In case your content is not very relevant to any of our fashion categories, in that case, you can drop a backlink leading to your personal blog. Also, we do allow just one “Do Follow” link that is relevant and the points at your own blog only. Welcome to Beauty & Fashion Blog, a platform of valuable insights all related to Beauty and Fashion.

Keep in mind the targeted audience and keep the articles engaging enough. In case you wish to look at the examples, you can check out the already published articles on our blog wowfashionlife.com. At Fashion Trends, we invite you to write for us about different topics. If the duplicate article found on the Internet, the post will be deleted without notification. The article must be unique, high quality thoroughly researched and to the point should not be posted after we publish it. Aspect– Your submitted articles should necessarily be powerful and optimistic.

The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Any claims made in the article must be backed up with reliable sources. We reserve the right to make edits to your article before publishing, as well as the right to decline to publish an article if it does not meet our standards. Please familiarize yourself with our website and blog to get a feel for our style. We’re always looking for new voices to join our team of contributors! If you’re passionate about your chosen field and have something to say, we want to hear from you.

Moreover, you can check our parenting blog section to check out the type of content that we approve to be published on MOM News Daily. Before posting, we review and approve all the posts. We can edit or refuse any post that we do not find relevant or helpful. You can also send us pictures and videos relevant to your content provided that they are original and yours or you have the proof to use them. Also, all the links should be already added as no affiliate linking is allowed. For credibility, we suggest you include links, statistics, and recent studies data.

When you submit a guest post on our website, you’ll get wide exposure. Our blog is viewed by thousands of niche audience readers. Therefore, if we detect that a guest post has been plagiarized, we won’t publish it.


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The first reason to write for us is that we give you a golden opportunity to gain exposure. Once your banner is reviewed and published, you will receive an acknowledgment email from our end. Instead of already dead PR, we offer our own evaluating system – SB Rank that was named after ScanBackLinks, free backlink checker tool and SEO software. It is based on DA and PA index and intended to help our customers to select proper pages for links placement. SB Rank can be considered as a full replacement for Google PR. It only depends on the competition in your niche and necessary number of links that you need to get in order to outrank your competitors.

You should avoid using grammatical or sentence-level jargon. Use the correct spelling and grammar and don’t plagiarize anything. If you can, attach a relevant, copyrighted photo to go along with your article.

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