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And Ireland, and bring our readers all the latest news, opinions and nostalgia about all thingsPremier League. Hastebc.org editorial team reserves the right to modify, edit, or delete any unwanted football write-up content. If your football blog is approved, the hastebc.org team will contact you prior to its publication. Once published we encourage you to increase the exposure of the article by sharing it on your individual social media accounts e.g Twitter, Reddit and Facebook groups/pages. We hope you’ll monitor comments for any follow-up questions and/or feedback.

Passion4FM do not, and will not ever, pay for submissions. Our basic principle is that Passion4FM shall consist of content creators who are not in it just for the money. The length of the article depends on the topic and how many words needed to get your views out. The normal length of insightful content ranges anywhere from 450 to 2500 words, sometimes even longer!

Our readers are used to quality work and in-depth guides, so we will demand a certain level of quality. This, of course, requires that you have the time to write a proper article for us. All Authors will get a unique author box with abilities to feature their logo or avatar plus add links to your blog or website and social media channels of use; Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. The guest post team provides high-ranking keywords to attract more audiences. The content on this site is for entertainment and educational purposes only.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We can also suggest other good sites even if we don’t have the capacity to publish them ourselves. You must have good knowledge about football, excellent communication, research, and understanding skills. Many indoor and outdoor games are promoted by schools for developing positive social skills, self-confidence, self-worth, teaching respect for others, building positive self-image, Etc. Therefore, from childhood, kids are excited about football. But, many settle in a different profession with an interest in football hidden in their hearts.

People want to know about different sports through blogs. Many of our writers have gone on to find paid employment for various other websites, sports magazines, local and tabloid newspapers from around the world. If you are interested in writing for us, do get in touch, we are always on the lookout for quality writers. Since our inception, we’ve been looking to stand out in the multitude of football websites. It is our firm belief that “Content is King” which means that the quality of writers is tantamount to our success.

We wish to build long-term relationships that last and benefit both of us. Dedicated websites for Football can also share their blogs on a guest post for their targeted audience. The door at our website is always open for new writers and columnists. Whether you are an expert writer or just a fan started football writing, we provide an opportunity to each and every standard of football writers. Prost International is a new UK website that grew out of Prost Amerika in the United States.

It’s important that you’re a skilful writer who got an immense English vocabulary. It’s important that you’re fluent in English and comprehends basic English grammar. Published content can include a valuable backlink to existing content you’ve created, whether it’s a blog post or a related Youtube video. For Youtubers specifically, we can help to serve your videos in articles related to your topic. Or they can stand on their own letting us feature a text version of the video in a unique article with your video embedded. Get access to valuable resources and benefit from our editorial team, who will help you all the way until the article has been published.

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All Contributors and writers need to comply with copyright law. All images, videos and/or written content must be unique and written/made by you. We will permanently ban and remove all work from those who offend copyrights. Read more about the copyright law and copyright infringement here. Now you can become part of the success of Passion4FM as we are searching for quality writers and content creators.

Images must be optimized before uploading to the server. The mission of Passion4FM is to serve YOU with the best Football Manager content to enhance gameplay for Football Manager enthusiasts around the world. A weekly round-up of results from the top league in that country no later than 24 hours after the last game has been played. We at WorldFootballWeekly.com are currently looking for contributors to join our very successful team, and continue to help us grow.

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