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Don’t bother emailing us either – you will not get a response from us, and we will send your email to spam where it belongs. By submitting the work to us, you agree that Believe and Create can edit the work in any way we feel necessary. In general, if we feel the work needs a lot of editing, we won’t accept it in the first place. Most editing is done for SEO reasons and/or for clarity or to fix grammar or misspellings. Because GetResponse blog readers come from all walks of life all around the world, we like to create clear, compelling content. Most of our audience are marketers, or people familiar with the field.

Please just fill out the submission form below and if your ideas are interesting we’ll get in touch with your within a few days. Given that we are limited on staff to do this review process, it sometimes takes up to 14 days to get back to you. If you haven’t heard anything from us within 14 days, re-contact us at because there might have been a problem with either receiving your work or with the email response. It’s better to write about fewer topics in detail than to cover a ton of different topics at a shallow level. These sections are where you will walk through the tutorial and explain every step to the reader.

So, we take great care in choosing what to post on our blog and what not to. Before submitting your blog to Outreach Monks, please read the following instructions carefully. If possible, share a link to your portfolio or other pieces of sample business writing. Senior Executive Media is always looking for timely, actionable, well-sourced content that helps our audience of business leaders to improve their organizations and further their careers. If you’re not a writer but are passionate about technology, we’d still love to hear from you!

We are a not for profit organization so our commissioning budget is small. Payments discussion is done with each writer after a pitch has been approved for commissioning. Once the article is published, the writer shall receive a notification with detailed instructions on how to submit an invoice. Payments are made within the first 10 days at the beginning of the new month for all articles published on the previous month.

The editor shall also provide timelines on when the piece is expected by the production team. Politics, Culture, Reflections, Ideas, Op-Eds, Data Stories or Long Reads and tell us where your story fits. Please read through The Elephant to get a sense of the voice and features that we have published. Please avoid keyword stuffing and do not copy any already published content.

WP Standard’s About Us page is almost like a look book with a minimal amount of copy or details about its origin. Instead, the story is told through a video, imagery, and sparse copy that summons the idea of resilience, exploration, and embracing the essential. When website visitors visit the brand’s About Us page, they get all the information they need to determine whether to engage with the company or not. As a brand that sells loungewear, Lunya puts craftsmanship at the forefront of what makes it different. One of the best ways to use your About Us page is to illustrate your brand’s value proposition. Wild One does this by offering a referral discount.

While this approach can work, be careful not to sound too stiff and unrelatable. To counter that, Allbirds uses simple copy and puts a face with a name by including images of its founders. When a visitor wants to learn more about you or your business, the About page is the page they’ll look for.


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Another option is to use the About Us page templates above. If you’re strapped for time or just can’t find the words, hire a copywriter. They’ll be able to interview you and your team members and write a beautiful About Us page for your business you can use to connect with potential customers. At the very least, you can include high-quality behind-the-scenes photos that pull back the curtain and give visitors a glimpse into your business. Or, if you’ve invested in digital marketing assets like videos or case studies, your About Us page is a good home for them as well. It also features key highlights about the brand that keeps visitors inspired and creates a good user experience.

Your post needs to provide value to our readers. It cannot be a shameless advertisement for your product or service. You CAN mention your products and services in the bio section of your post … in fact … we encourage that, as we want to help you help as many people improve their lives as possible. You will earn a do-follow backlink for your post. Senior Executive Media, of course, seeks to maximize traffic to every published piece, optimizing it for search and featuring it on social media and in our email newsletter.

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