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About Us pages are unique to your business and should be written with consideration in mind. Allbirds’ brilliant use of elements like background videos and quippy phrases to draw in its audience’s attention already make its About Us page that much more memorable. Scroll further and you’re met with a founder’s story, told in the third person. We’ve got a growing audience and would love to introduce them to you! We believe customer support is just as responsible for company growth as any other team.

A small bio of fewer than 50 words should accompany the article. We are experts in HubSpot and inbound marketing, Diamond partners with HubSpot and members of the HubSpot Partner Advisory Council. We hold strong authority and top-ranking positions in different HubSpot and inbound marketing topics. You can include screenshots, images, graphics, and please center it / 500 px wide.

So, when he takes a moment to show a down-to-earth Dr. Oz and his office, it only strengthens his brand. The fitness app, MyFitnessPal has a great way to help their readers by taking advantage of seasonal food topics, like pies. Evernote has a series called, How Evernoters Use Evernote. They show how people use their product, which helps highlight a lot of little things about the product that may not have been mentioned in detail before. The owner, Syed Balkhi, wrote a post on the blog on how this news affects OptinMonster.

As a heart-centered brand that cares about its global impact, Iya Foods emphasizes that key part of its brand in its mission statement. Describing your brand values and what you stand for is one of the best ways to reach your audience. Don’t ignore your CTA as a key part of your About Us page that can add to your brand identity. It’s a great opportunity to convey what your brand is all about.


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A very popular way to reach a new audience and network with more industry experts is to do a roundup post. Approach thought leaders, influencers, and experts that relate to your industry and pick their brain on one topic or question. Another way to humanize your brand is to show customer stories on your blog.

Stories are all about representing change—starting in one place and ending up in another—which is something your About Us page should also do as visitors scroll through it. When website visitors visit the brand’s About Us page, they get all the information they need to determine whether to engage with the company or not. The About Us page design of Yeti helps tell the founders’ story.

One of my clients started his business as a way to save for his two daughters’ college education. Convey the passion you feel for your company’s mission. Be sincere and personal as you tell the story of your brand. There’s nothing wrong with letting your personality shine through. The Venture Brat will not publish articles submitted to other outlets, blogs, or any other online publishing platforms. Articles submitted directly must correspond to our editorial topics to be considered.

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