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Our editors are always on the hunt for unpublished pieces that are discursive yet fun to read, especially for the harried readers of our generation. When your article is approved for publishing, we will include a short author bio at the beginning of the article. We will edit content and review it for at least one business day. All content must be written exclusively for the Zero Waste Lifestyle System.

For example, zero waste, sustainability, houseplant tips, tips on sustainable and ethical lifestyle, green lifestyle, minimalist lifestyle, zero waste, environmental causes, conservation. When you’re running a blog, in any niche or industry, you need to be aware of two things. Two – your audience will only stick around for as long as you’re giving them what they want.

Watch The Story of Stuff and learn more about the zero waste movement. Off Grid World is about living off the grid, sustainable living, homesteading, prepping, survival, solar power, wind power, renewable energy, permaculture, hydroponics, recycling, DIY projects, and natural building. If you are an expert in a relevant field, or are passionate and well-read, I want to hear from you. If you have a unique perspective on a challenge or crisis facing the world today, I want to explore it. If you live in, or have visited, a region on the very frontiers of these global concerns, I’ll work with you to share your experiences and insights.

We believe building a community of diverse voices are essential to individual, collective and environmental wellness. We expect 600 words+ and content should include images. Polished – Although we have a team of editors, we’d appreciate it if you proofread your work before you submitted them to us. Make sure you’re happy with what you have and we’ll do the rest. Lengthy – We usually require a minimum of 800 words for all our posts. But, if you have a really good topic and you think you can talk about it in 500 words or less, feel free to run it by us.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We write from the perspective of an everyday person who wants to make a difference but doesn’t know where to start. Our articles are meant to educate and empower our readers to take action in their daily lives to live more sustainable lifestyles. Soulful Concepts blog aims to draw attention to the importance of responsible travel and sustainable living. We want to empower consumers to travel with a social conscious and make informed decisions about the companies they support and products they buy.

We are always looking for new voices to join the conversation about sustainability, and we believe that everyone has something valuable to say. Other than links to your sources, you may includeone link to a page on your website in your bio at the end of the article. We WILL NOT accept articles with links to products or sales pages. At least one good quality photo should be included that is a minimum of 1000 x 1000 px in size. By submitting your photos, you agree to let us share them with your article on our social media profiles.

Show us the “how” — the products, services, initiatives and business models that are creating change now. To discourage such useless attempts, we have revised our guest post submission guidelines and requesting you to go through the requirements before sending your content. Not everyone can run out and trade in their old gas-guzzling clunker for the latest planet-friendly hybrid car. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing; manufacturing new cars takes a lot of resources too.

Better education and access to family-planning services decreases family size and our overall carbon footprint, helping children and wildlife thrive. Just make sure to read our criteria for guest contributions first to send us your best piece. With more than 7.5 billion people in the world, and more every day, our demands for food, water, land and fossil fuels are pushing other species to extinction. We can achieve an ecologically sustainable population in ways that promote human rights; decrease poverty and overcrowding; raise our standard of living; and allow plants, animals and ecosystems to thrive. For all guest posts published on this site, the authors keep their copyright. You can share it among your networks or on social media.

When publishing guest articles, I will always include do-follow links to author profile pages, blogs, and other relevant organizations. I will never link to sites that contradict my personal moral standards, including, but not limited to, sites that promote gambling, alcohol, and tobacco. Any email proposals requesting links to such sites will be ignored. At this time, we cannot offer any payment for contributing articles. However, we will share help drive traffic to your posts, include a bio and links below each post. In the spirit of community, we encourage you to participate in the process of sharing your work and words as well.

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